Ultimate Office Tools

Easily Access Office Tools Right from Your Browser!


Ultimate Office Tools are an ideal collection of kits that enables end-users to access and open documents right from the browser. This kit features Google translate, Excel, Word, Power Point and more. With this package, users can run everyday tasks conveniently at the comfort of their homes.

How to get started

Ultimate Office tools is a browser extension which is integrated into Chrome for reliable results. Users are required to sign into their chrome accounts before downloading the extension. The package is easy to use and user-friendly considering users are guided on how to access all the features. The extension does not store or share any personal information, financial details or authentication permissions.


The program comes with features that include;

  • Links to all the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Easier and fast access to programs such as word, power point, and excel
  • Fast and reliable web search
  • Exclusive view time

The extension requires your permission to access the Office tools linked to your Chrome account. It also requires this permission to allow new tabs display the Ultimate Office Tools extension with the features including the background image, time and customised search.

Ultimate Office Tools does not save or share any user credentials. For details on information collected, please refer to our Privacy Policy.